First time enrolment

Congratulations! The first thing you must do is accept, decline or apply to defer your offer. You can do this at the Get Started at Melbourne web page.

Then, these Bachelor of Arts students are here to share some tips on getting started.

Artstart website

For new students in the Bachelor of Arts, check out the Artstart website which has everything you need to know about getting started, including frequently asked questions.


Details of Faculty of Arts Orientation sessions.

Welcome to the Bachelor of Arts

These videos will assist you with navigating the first steps you must take as a Bachelor of Arts student. The videos are an important part of your enrolment process. They will help you understand your course structure, rules and subject options. We recommend that you take the time to view each clip in its entirety.

What you need to know, now

Rules of the BA and your study plan

Bachelor of Arts Foundation Subjects

Breadth Studies

Diploma in Languages

Experience Arts