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The Faculty of Arts offers casual academic appointments throughout the year. Information on how to apply through the Casual Recruitment Registration System can be found in this section.

Casual academic staff Summer Semester 2018

Please note: Summer Semester 2018 applications are now open for the subjects below. Applications close 13 November 2017.

Asia Institute

Course code Subject title
ISLM90007 Contemporary Middle East and Central Asia
ISLM20003 The Qur'an: An Introduction

School of Historical and Philosophical Studies

Course code Subject title
HIST30071 Urban Legends; Melbourne Intensive
HPSC20002 A History of Nature
HPSC20015 Astronomy in World History
PHIL20045 Freedom and Equality Across Borders

School of Languages and Linguistics

Course code Subject title
ARTS90006 Introductory Academic Program
EURO20007 A Taste of Europe: Melbourne Intensive
FREN20018 Intensive French 3 and 4

School of Social and Political Sciences

Course code Subject title
POLS30034 Political Psychology
POLS90007 US Foreign Policy

Please note: Casual academic positions are dependent on enrolment numbers which will not be finalised until the commencement of semester. There is no guarantee that casual academics will be required in all listed subjects.

Important dates for 2018

Casual academic tutoring

Study period Applications open Applications close Outcome notification Teaching starts
Summer ** 16/10/2017 13/11/2017 19/12/2017 2/01/2018
Semester 1 18/12/2017 19/01/2018 13/02/2018 26/02/2018
Winter 20/04/2018 7/05/2017 11/06/2018 25/06/2018
Semester 2 14/05/2018 18/06/2018 9/07/2018 23/07/2018

** Please note: The Summer study period timelines also apply to January and February commencing teaching periods for all schools except SSPS.

Casual academic coordinating

Study period Applications open Applications close Outcome notification Teaching starts
Semester 1 20/11/2017 4/12/2017 22/12/2017 26/02/2018
Semester 2 16/04/2018 1/05/2018 14/05/2018 23/07/2018

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Apply now

Please note: To apply for available positions follow the 'Apply Now' link and create a user account in the Casual Tutor Recruitment System (CTRS). Through the CTRS you will be able to upload your credentials and select the subjects for which you would like to be considered. Your application must be lodged through the CTRS to be considered.

Important notes

  • It is expected that the majority of applicants will receive an outcome within the timeframe listed in the 'Outcome notification' section of the table above. In some cases, because these positions are dependent on student enrolments, applicants may not receive a final notification until the teaching start date for the teaching period. Applicants who are enrolled as PhD or Masters students must have been confirmed in their candidature and not be past 3.5 years (PhD) and 1.5 years (MA) full-time equivalency. Currently enrolled RHD students at The University of Melbourne applying to become a tutor must have the support of their supervisor
  • In most cases, it is essential to have a minimum of an honours degree in a relevant discipline (Please note: that if you are applying for a casual academic staff role in the Asia Institute or the School of Languages and Linguistics this criterion may not apply. Please contact the Program Convenor for clarification)
  • Late applications will not be accepted unless an exceptional circumstance arises based on a school's requirements. All casual academic staff selected need to have applied formally.

CTRS user guides

Create a user account in the CTRS

Lodging an application for a Casual academic role in the CTRS

Updating your profile and CV in the CTRS

Employee support

Casual Academic Staff are provided with resources and facilities to assist with undertaking their teaching responsibilities. These provisions vary across each School. The following information is provided to assist Casual Academic staff with the onboarding process, and to familiarise them with the facilities and resources available to them as an employee of a particular School within the Faculty of Arts.


  • IT access / Email account
  • Themis timecards
  • Casual pay dates
  • After Hours Building Access: Please note that after-hours building access is not generally provided to casual academic staff. All after-hours access requests must be endorsed by the School and is only provided if absolutely necessary
  • Occupational Health and Safety Induction: Online training
  • Desk Space: All Schools provide Casual Academics with designated hot-desk office space. Please contact the relevant School for further details
  • Lockers: Some Schools provide lockers in designated hot-desk office space. Please contact the relevant School for further details
  • Stationery: Please contact the relevant School for further details
  • Lectern keys: Lectern keys for teaching spaces are not normally required, but will be available upon request. Please contact the relevant School for assistance
  • Meeting /Consultation rooms: Please contact the relevant School for assistance
  • Staff cards: Obtain or update a staff ID card


  • If you have a general question regarding the application process, please email Arts Human Resources
  • If you require help or technical support with using the CTRS, please email Arts CTRS
  • If your enquiry is specific to the school and subjects you're applying for, please refer to the table below:
Asia Institute (AI) Robyn Borg Team Leader, Academic Programs, AI
School of Historical and Philosophical Studies (SHAPS) Denise Gaffy Team Leader, Academic Programs, SHAPS
School of Languages and Linguistics (SoLL) Wendy Yap Team Leader, Academic Programs, SoLL
School of Culture and Communication (SCC) Martina Cullen Team Leader, Academic Programs, SCC
School of Social and Political Sciences (SSPS) Jo Helsby Team Leader, Academic Programs, SSPS

Other useful contact information