The Transformative Technologies Research Unit (TTRU) examines the historical, social, philosophical and political ramifications of the transformation of technologies (eg. the transition from analogue to digital technologies) and the transformation by technologies (eg. the social implications of transformative technologies to concepts of self, the city, knowledge and global relations).

Technologies such as the printing press, the microscope, the telescope, the mechanical clock, electricity, the steam engine, the telephone, cinema, television, computer, the internet can all be understood as paradigm shifting technologies that radically transformed the relationship between humans and their mediation of the world around them. The digital era has fostered a more intense and dramatic technological revolution.

TTRU adopts an interdisciplinary approach that brings together researchers from across the Faculty of Arts while also building collaborations with other faculties within the university in order to investigate the impact that transformative technologies have had historically and in the 21st century. TTRU is especially interested in exploring methods of delivering research findings that are aligned with the Digital Humanities and in developing industry partnerships.

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