10 Great Books: Frantz Fanon,
The Wretched of the Earth

10 Great Books continues online for May, with Professor Karen Farquharson presenting on Frantz Fanon's The Wretched of the Earth.

Associate Professor Tim Lynch, convener of 10 Great Books, will introduce you to our speakers each month and facilitate audience questions following their presentation.

Professor Karen Farquharson's presentation on Frantz Fanon's The Wretched of the Earth 
Q&A with Professor Karen Farquharson and Associate Professor Tim Lynch

The link between 'race', economics and violence

The Wretched of the Earth by French West Indian Frantz Fanon is a brilliant piece of political analysis.

Emerging from Fanon’s experiences as a psychiatrist in Algeria in the 1950s, it takes the perspective of the colonised to explore decolonisation, state legitimacy, struggles for independence, and colonial war and the ‘mental disorders’ associated with it. He interrogates the links between ‘race’, economics and violence in the colony and his work has influenced revolutionaries as well as academics.

This Masterclass explores the key themes of The Wretched of the Earth and its academic legacies.

Extra resources

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    Mireille Fanon-Mendès France, activist, scholar, and daughter of Frantz Fanon, talks about the enduring relevance of his ideas and passions in contemporary political life.

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  • Professor Sujatha Fernandes on Fanon and Decolonization

    Watch as Professor Sujatha Fernandes looks at the work of anticolonial theorist Frantz Fanon in his book The Wretched of the Earth.

  • Professor Marc Williams on Franz Fanon in relationship to power, politics and International Relations

    Professor Marc Williams introduces the work of Franz Fanon in relationship to power, politics and International Relations.

  • Frantz Fanon, Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
Prof. Karen Farquharson
Prof. Karen Farquharson

About Professor Karen Farquharson

Professor Karen Farquharson is Head of the School of Social and Political Sciences and Professor of Sociology at the University of Melbourne. Her research is focused on the sociology of ‘race’ and racism, ethnicity, and diversity, mainly in the contexts of media and sport.

Karen is co-author of three books including Qualitative Social Research: Contemporary Methods for the Digital Age (2016) and co-editor of three collections, most recently Australian Media and the Politics of Belonging (2018) and Relating Worlds of Racism: Dehumanisation, Belonging, and the Normativity of European Whiteness (2019).

She is author of numerous refereed journal articles and book chapters. Karen was educated at Harvard University (MA, PhD) and the University of California, Berkeley (BA).

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