Four Directions: 1st & 2nd Year Works


Four Directions: 1st & 2nd Year Works

Space 28
Performing Arts Building
Dodds Street


An evening of contemporary dance featuring new works by Michelle Heaven, Prue Lang, Jo Lloyd and Anna Smith.

Presented by: Dance and Production

As part of the season there will be a Post-Show Forum on Friday 1st November. Chaired by Head of Dance, Professor Carol Brown, this is an opportunity to hear about the influences, experiences and backstories of the works, ask questions, and engage in contemporary choreographic thinking.


Collaborators: Anna Smith and Mark Pollard with the students Music: Mark Pollard: Deconstructing the first grand opera

Giacomo Meyerbeer’s 1872 Opera Robert Le diable is considered by some to be the first grand opera. Deconstructing the first grand opera extracts piano accompaniment fragments from the Ballet of the nun’sscene within this opera and reassembles them to create something new. In this performance each dancer carries a wireless speaker with an out of sync version of the new deconstructed piano sound controlled via their individual mobile phones. As the new sound on each speaker moves around the performance space it constantly overlaps and collides with different versions of itself modifying the sound space and creating massive sound deconstruction of the old to reveal transformation to the new.

This work is part of Mark Pollard’s ongoing research work deconstructing the familiar, which deconstructs and reconstructs iconic objects, music and sounds to create new meaning and experience.

  1. Shared Fictions

Choreography: Jo Lloyd

In this work, dancing is a byproduct of our time together. Attention to brief encounters and the devices we need to collect information in order to document one another, barter and revisit potentially irreproducible results. Shared responsibilities and shared fictions are the drivers for this work for 15 dancers.

  1. Wunderschön Stark

Choreography: Michelle Heaven

Initial concepts for this work connect to the spiritual euphoria shared between Religion and Sport, and consider Dancer as Athlete. While impressions of these ideas resonate within the work, it has morphed to become its own creature. Scale, oddity, variance of speed and placement of body, alongside inanimate objects are inherent interests.

Michelle writes: ‘I have thoroughly enjoyed the process of investigation and guiding this wonderfully diverse group of dancers, witnessing them transform into a powerful team: Gorgeous, Beautiful, Strong.’

  1. MTAFU

Choreography: Prue Lang in collaboration with the dancers. Music: Hildegard Von Bingen, Princess Nokia, Chiara Costanza, Pussy Riot

MTAFU is a kinaesthetic engagement with feminism, felt via a particular focus on female figures from 12th century until now. It uses their narratives, actions and music as provocations to explore notions of feminist utopia, in choreographic terms.

Banner image: Dance ON, 2019. Image by Gregory Lorenzutti.