Transformations: Action on Equity


Transformations: Action on Equity

B117 Theatre
Glyn Davis Building (Melbourne School of Design)
Masson Road


Join the University of Melbourne and Parlour for the second Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning (ABP) Symposium – two days of lively, incisive and necessary conversation on gender equity in the built environment professions. Together, we will reflect on the impact and effect of recent action, explore emerging topics and precipitate future work.

Transformations: Action on Equity brings together international and Australian speakers– researchers, professionals and activists – who are transforming the way we think about gender in the built environment professions, and are actively creating new futures for these professions and the communities they serve.

Together we will explore how we are already creating more equitable environments, and catalyse further action. How is gender equity reshaping and reinvigorating our professions and disciplines? What action is underway? What demands are being made? How do we each find agency? What are the effects of transforming practice and the professions? How is equity becoming more complicated? What areas do we need to better understand?

The program is organised as a series of discussions investigating key modes of action – organising at the grassroots, leadership through policy, reshaping the workplace, and rewriting history. This is an opportunity to reflect on recent action, and to grapple with the work still required. The symposium will also seek to expand our knowledge through exploratory conversations on key topics that intersect with and expand understandings of gender equity.

Organising, sharing knowledge and collective action are all fundamental to creating future professions that are more equitable, robust and effective. We must do this together – please join us at Transformations!


Transformations is for everyone! People of all genders; scholars practitioners, educators or those active in the built environment disciplines in other ways; emerging or established, we hope all will join us for two days of conversation, speculation and action.

Presented in partnership between Parlour and the Melbourne School of Design, the 2019 ABP symposium ‘Transformations: Action on Equity’ will create a space in which to reflect on the work so far and project forward to future action. Building on the work undertaken on architecture, it will also extend the discussion to other built environment professions.


  • Professor Julie Willis
    Professor Julie Willis, Dean of the Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning
  •  Justine Clark
    Justine Clark, Parlour