Governing committees

Faculty Executive Committee

The Faculty Executive Committee is responsible for:

  • Supporting the development of the Faculty’s overall direction and its strategic plan
  • Leading the implementation of the Faculty’s strategic plan and to identify, develop and oversee strategic initiatives, policies and processes to further the aims and objectives of the plan
  • Overseeing development and implementation of the Faculty’s annual business plan
  • Overseeing the management of the Faculty’s resources, including finances, workforce planning and space
  • Monitoring the academic and financial position of the Faculty’s constituent schools and other academic units
  • Receiving regular reports from Heads of School, Associate Deans and relevant Faculty committees and working groups as required
  • Sharing good practice in developing the Faculty
  • Providing an advisory and consultative role to the Dean

Arts Faculty Board

The Arts Faculty Board considers key matters of Faculty business, including pedagogical issues, for the purpose of wider collegial consultation and, where applicable, final consideration at the Faculty level. The constitution of the Board includes the elected membership of representatives of students from within the Faculty and representatives external to the Faculty. The Board provides for advisory input from relevant professional bodies, government agencies and industry partners as required.

Faculty standing committees

  • Research Committee
  • Education and Students Committee
  • Graduate Studies Committee
  • Research Training Committee
  • Bachelor of Arts Course Standing Committee
  • Indigenous Advisory Committee
  • Partnerships Committee
  • International Committee
  • Diversity and Inclusion Committee
  • OHS&E Committee
  • Early Career Academic Network