Archaeology Reading Group 2007

Delphi (Photograph: Andrew Stephenson)


Programme for Semester 2 2007

For this semster we will be reading chapters from Louise Hitchcock's new book, Theory 4 Classics, which will be published in January 2008 by Routledge, paired with some of the readings that influenced her writing of the book. The readings are available by email attachment from Louise at

23 August

Porter, James I. “What is ‘Classical’ About Classical Antiquity? Eight Propositions.” Arion 13.1 (2005) 27-61.
Hitchcock, L. A. (In Press) “Introduction” Theory for Classics, Oxford: Routledge.

27 September

Malkin, Irad. “Postcolonial Concepts and Ancient Greek Colonization.” Modern Language Quarterly 65.3 (2004) 341-64.
Hitchcock, L. A. (In Press) “Edward W. Said” Theory for Classics, Oxford: Routledge.

25 October

Shanks, M.; Platt, D.; and Rathje, W.L. (2004) “The Perfume of Garbage: Modernity and the Archaeological,” Modernism/modernity 11.1 61-83.
Hitchcock, L. A. (In Press) “Georges Bataille” Theory for Classics, Oxford: Routledge.

Programme for Semester 1 2007

22 February

The discussion will be on the Code of Ethics governing the publication of ancient artefacts that have no provenance. For copies of the short articles for discussion, please email the convenor. See also,1,7146801.storygallery.

15 March

Reading: Ian Hodder and Craig Cessford, 'Daily practice and social memory at Catalhoyuk', American Antiquity 69.1 (Jan. 2004), pp. 17-40.

Electronic download from the Baillieu Library web site.

19 April

Reading: Andrew Fleming, 'Post-processual landscape archaeology: a critique', Cambridge Archaeological Journal 16 (2006), 267-280.

Electronic access is as follows:

  1. Go to the Library website
  2. Do a Quick Catalogue Search by Title: Cambridge Archaeological Journal
  3. Choose to access the journal electronically for the years 2000+ connecting through the University of Melbourne
  4. Entry will require your username and password (keep clicking 'yes' to annoying pages that appear until you get the page that asks for name and password)
  5. Click on 'Show back volumes'
  6. Click on 2006, volume 16
  7. Click on issue 3
  8. Click on PDF under Andrew Flemming

17 May

Reading: Tim Ingold (in press), 'Materials against materiality', Archaeological Dialogues 14 (1), 38 pages.