Archaeology Reading Group 2008

Delphi (Photograph: Andrew Stephenson)


Programme for Semester 2 2008

20 November


Matthew H. Johnson 2005: 'On the particularism of English landscape archaeology', International Journal of Historical Archaeology 9.2: 111-22.

Kevin Walsh 2008: 'Mediterranean landscape archaeology: marginality and the culture-nature 'divide'', Landscape Research 33.5: 547-64.

30 October


Sue Hamilton and Ruth Whitehouse 2006: ‘Phenomenology in practice: towards a methodology for a ‘subjective’ approach’, European Journal of Archaeology 9: 31-71.

Ian Hodder 1989: ‘Writing archaeology: site reports in context’, Antiquity 63: 268-74.

25 September


Bleda S. Düring 2007, 'Reconsidering the Çatalhöyük Community: From Households to Settlement Systems', Journal of Mediterranean Archaeology 20.2, 155-182.

28 August


Mike Parker Pearson, Josh Pollard, Colin Richards, Julian Thomas, Christopher Tilley, Kate Welham and Umberto Albarella, 2006, 'Materializing Stonehenge: The Stonehenge Riverside Project and New Discoveries', Journal of Material Culture 11, 227-61.

Programme for Semester 1 2008

20 March - Venue: Classics Library

Relating to the 12th International Aegean Conference - DAIS: The Aegean Feast, there will be a preconference presentation and feedback session on draft papers.

A suggested reading is the following article on the theme of feasting by the conference keynote speaker, Dr Yannis Hamilakis:

Hamilakis, Y. (1999) 'Food technologies/technologies of the body: The social context of wine and oil production and consumption in Bronze Age Crete', World Archaeology 31.1: 38–54.

This article can be downloaded from the Baillieu Library website using Supersearch.

3 April

An additional meeting for a post-DAIS conference discussion.

24 April

The readings are as follows:

Adam Brum and Mark W. Moore, 'Symbolic Revolutions and the Australian Archaeological Record', Cambridge Archaeological Journal 15/2 (2005), 157-175.

[Various authors], 'Can Archaeology Recover Past Intentions?', Cambridge Archaeological Journal 14/1 (2004), 64-80.

T. Kivisild et al., 'Revealing the Prehistoric Settlement of Australia by Y Chromosome and mtDNA Analysis', Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 104/21 (2007), 8726-8730.

15 May

Archaeology and Texts

The readings are as follows:

J. Moreland, 2006: 'Archaeology and texts: subservience or enlightenment', Annual Review of Anthropology 35, 135-51.

B. Davis, 2008: 'So you find a deposit filled with artefacts. Where do you start to read? A discussion of material culture as text', Archaeological Review from Cambridge 23.1, 97-108.

R. Laurence, 2004: 'The uneas dialogue between ancient history and archaeology' in E.W. Sauer (ed.), Archaeology and Ancient History: Breaking Down the Boundaries, London, 99-113.