Archaeology Reading Group 2009

Forum Romanum
Forum Romanum
(Photograph: Andrew Stephenson)


Programme for Semester 2 2009

3 September


Claudia Glatz 2009: 'Empire as network: Spheres of material interaction in Late Bronze Age Anatolia', Journal of Anthropological Archaeology 28, 127-41.

24 September


William Anderson and Damjan Krsmanovic (unpublished): 'Critiquing the Archaeological Diary'.

22 October

Chair: Amanda Rose


Denis Cosgrove 2004: 'Landscape and Landschaft', German Historical Institute Bulletin 35: 57-71.

Amanda Rose, 'The Spatial Turn in Archaeology', discussion paper.

26 November

Chair: Dianne Fitzpatrick


W.H. Marquardt, A. Montet-White and S.C. Scholtz 1982: 'Resolving the crisis in archaeological collections curation', American Antiquity 47/2, 409-18.

Programme for Semester 1 2009

26 February


J.J. McDonald et al. 2007: 'The first archaeological evidence for death by spearing in Australia', Antiquity 81, 877-85.

M.E. Lewis 2008: 'A traitor's death? The identity of a drawn, hanged and quartered man from Hulton Abbey, Staffordshire', Antiquity 82, 113-24.

12 March


T. Webmoor and C.L. Witmore 2008: ‘Things are us! Commentary on human/things relations under the banner of a ‘social’ archaeology’, Norwegian Archaeological Review 41, 53-70.

M. McCarthy 2005: ‘Social dynamics on the northern frontier of Roman Britain’, Oxford Journal of Archaeology 24, 47-71.

30 April


C. Briault 2007: ‘High Fidelity or Chinese Whispers? Cult symbols and ritual transmission in the Bronze Age Aegean’, Journal of Mediterranean Archaeology 20/2, 239-65.

21 May

A special reading group meeting to coincide with the visit of Professor Norman Yoffee to Melbourne. Two readings by Professor Yoffee have been circulated by email: 'Making Ancient Cities Plausible' and 'Archaeology in the Humanities'. After the meeting we'll go out for dinner nearby. If you would like to come to dinner, please email Will Anderson -