Medieval (Byzantine) Greek Reading Group

Pantokrator Kalenderhane Camii, Istanbul
Pantokrator Kalenderhane Camii, Istanbul
(Photograph: Andrew Stephenson)

An informal group that meets on Wednesdays at 5:15 in a friendly and supportive environment to read medieval (Byzantine) Greek texts.  Anyone with any knowledge of Greek is welcome.  When things get back to normal we will probably continue the discussion over a pizza/pasta and glass of wine in Lygon Street.


Roger Scott

John Burke

Next Meeting

The next meeting will be in early October; date to be advised..  Please contact Roger Scott or John Burke if you wish to attend or want to be taken off the mailing list.


We will meet via Zoom.  The link will be sent out a few hours before the meeting.


To be notified.




Language Aids

John Burke's current favourite free polytonic unicode Greek font is Gentium.

Some Maps

Interactive map of Constantinople by Emanuel Nicolescu and Linda Safran.

Whole Texts

  • The new critical edition of Kedrenos, by Luigi Tartaglia, Georgii Cedreni Historiarum Compendium (Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei, 2016), in two volumes, can be purchased online from Bardi Edizioni
  • Bekker's edition of Kedrenos can be read online or downloaded from Google Books (pdf format, very large files - about 50 Mb each) Volume 1 and Volume 2
  • PDF of Vol.1 to Vol.2 p. 43 (where Skylitzes starts) Ked1-2.43 (1.06Mb pdf)
  • Microsoft Word in unicode font, zipped KedTLGunicode zip (1.12Mb zip)

Please note: these documents are for private study only and may not be published.