Community Education in the Faculty of Arts

The Faculty of Arts has a long and sustained commitment to connecting with the broader community through engaging Community Education programs.

What is Community Education?

Community Education in the Faculty of Arts denotes high-quality, educational experiences and enrichment opportunities, promoting learning without formal degrees or courses. These programs are designed to foster professional and personal interests through curated programs, such as our professional study day for VCE Literature teachers and our flagship program 10 Great Books.

Our Community Education program draws from the wealth of knowledge and expertise within the Faculty and act as a vehicle to connect the Faculty’s, Teaching and Learning, and Research activities with the community.

A shared vision: Programs with our partners

Edgar Degas The Arabesque 1877 oil and essence, pastel on canvas, Musée d’Orsay, Paris
Edgar Degas The Arabesque 1877 oil and essence, pastel on canvas, Musée d'Orsay, Paris

This year in partnership with the National Gallery of Victoria's exhibition Degas: A new vision, the Faculty of Arts is proud to present a masterclass for our alumni on the life and art of Edgar Degas, one of the most recognisable grand masters of French modernism.

This masterclass will bring the exhibition to life exploring Degas' Paris. We will explore the development of Degas' art and contextualise his work within the dramatic social and political change that occurred during his lifetime, making Paris the centre of the art world, creating a tumultuous backdrop for his celebrated work. We explore the much-celebrated artist through a new lens, discovering more than just the pretty ballet dancers and frivolous café scenes he is best known for.

Take advantage of the exclusive after-hours exhibition viewing, showcasing tailored pop-up talks and performances in the exhibition space and undertake the opportunity to hear some of the University of Melbourne’s finest scholars and NGV’s senior curators.

Connecting with new audiences

The Faculty offers a broad range of programs targeting different cohorts, attracting audiences young and old. For example, the VCE Winter School program offers school students an unparalleled opportunity to learn directly from academics whose text books they study from in the VCE curriculum and to get a taste for university life on campus in Parkville.

Delve deeper into current affairs

In the lead up to the United States of America's election of their 45th President this year, leading academics from our two graduate schools will present a four-part masterclass held over the duration of the Presidential campaign. Focusing on pivotal moments in Presidential election history, the series will take us all the way from the Civil War to Donald Trump.

Back to the future

Professor Angela Ndalianis and Dr Denny Oetomo at the cinema ready for ‘Back to the Future’
Professor Angela Ndalianis and Dr Denny Oetomo at the cinema ready for Back to the Future

Last year, we celebrated going "Back to the Future" with the 30th anniversary of Marty McFly's on-screen arrival in 'the future' on 21 October 2015. Professor Angela Ndalianis (Cinema Studies) and Dr Denny Oetomo (Engineering - Robotics) were thrilled to immerse themselves and the audience in a discussion on the role that cinema plays in advancing and creating technological advancements, and vice versa. This hugely successful program highlighted the intersection and intrinsic role that Arts plays with other disciplines, and the cross-disciplinary approach that our academics employ every day. Similarly this year, in conjunction with ACMI's Scorsese exhibition, we will be showcasing some programs on ‘Scorsese’s Women’. Further details will be available soon.

How to get involved

These are just some of the programs we are developing here in the Faculty and as Community Education grows we will be expanding to more subjects and areas of study in the coming years. Have your say - we would love to hear what you wish to learn or know more about.

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