A Message from the Dean of Arts

Welcome to the first edition of Articulation for 2016. I would like first to thank the alumni who were able to join me in our first reception in Singapore in March this year. It was a pleasure to be able to join you in your home country and bring you news from the Faculty first-hand. I look forward to our growing program of international events and seeing more of you in the future.

In Arts, we aim to keep all our alumni, at home and aboard, abreast of the latest developments and news from the Faculty. In 2016, we will change the way we provide this news, delivering ARTiculation to your inbox on a quarterly basis, starting from this, our March newsletter. This edition celebrates a number of milestones that will be reached in 2016.

The landscape of higher education is in a state of transformation globally, driven by new technologies which can connect and inspire new understandings of how we learn, while providing  new opportunities to bridge the gap between education and the world beyond the classroom. These ideas and many more have informed the thinking and design of our new Arts West facility, which will be open for teaching in Semester 2 this year. For many years Arts West has been an aspiration and an idea that has informed how we have developed the Faculty’s undergraduate program and the relationship between our undergraduate programs and vocational and research-focused graduate offerings. The design of our new building has also been shaped by the new role that engagement plays at every level of thinking at the University of Melbourne, from our public engagement programs, to alumni and the wider community. Arts West will be a nexus. It will connect our undergraduate students as a place to learn, to dwell and work with others; for our graduate cohorts, as a living learning building offering new opportunities for hands-on experience; for our alumni community, as a new locus for our public programs, events and professional programs; and for a diverse range of communities, as an inspiring display that speaks to how education works in the twenty-first century.

Launching in March and running throughout 2016, the University of Melbourne will join Universities and cultural institutions worldwide to mark the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death through its Shakespeare 400 Melbourne program. Featuring a broad and exciting program of lectures, performances and events, Shakespeare 400 is a great opportunity for the Faculty to showcase its expertise, and for the University to share its valuable cultural assets and collections. I hope to see some of you at what will be an inspiring program of activity!

As we begin the start of a new academic year, we hear from Herald Chair in Fine Arts, Professor Anne Dunlop, who shares her first impressions of the exciting opportunities teaching at Melbourne offers, after joining us from the United States. More recently our colleagues at Melbourne School of Government celebrated the launch of the inaugural Pathways to Politics for Women program, an unique initiative designed to address the under-representation of women in politics through a series of hands-on training and networking opportunities for women aspiring to elected office. We look forward to sharing their success through future editions.

This month also saw the launch of the second phase of the University’s ambitious 'Believe - the Campaign for the University of Melbourne'. Launched in 2013, ‘Believe’ has been transforming research, scholarships and community engagement, thanks to our supportive alumni who now total more than 55,000 world-wide. Through new scholarships, positions and  infrastructure, the Campaign has heralded a new wave of opportunity for Faculties like Arts, and we look forward to highlighting the outcomes and benefits of this support in the coming months.

I hope you enjoy this edition of ARTiculation, and I look forward to bringing you further news from the Faculty in our next edition in June.

Professor Mark Considine
Dean, Faculty of Arts