Find the hidden Hellenism in Melbourne with the Eureka Challenge - Sunday, 30 October

In partnership with the Hellenic Museum, the Faculty of Arts is proud to present the latest race day on Melbourne’s activity calendar - the Eureka Challenge.

This is one race where having the fastest time isn't going to make you the winner - it's all about discovering and savouring Melbourne's architectural gems. Participants will receive a series of clues unlocking Greek design influences on some of Melbourne’s most monumental landmarks. Unearthing the social and historical backgrounds of each location by picking up stamps at each building and checkpoint, and touring the city through a Greek lens, will inspire race participants. Put all this new knowledge to good use by completing the circuit within three hours and you'll be entered in a draw to win a return trip to Greece, coinciding with Open House Athens 2017 and cultural tours of the city in partnership with the Benaki Museum.

The Eureka Challenge begins at the University of Melbourne in front of the Melbourne School of Design, where participants will register and receive their Eureka Passport, including a map and clues to be used to unlock the locations.

Find out more about the Eureka Challenge.