Talking Indonesia: environmental activism and art

Bali is home to a vibrant environmental movement involving collaboration between activists, artists and musicians, according to the Asia Institute's Dr Edwin Jurriens.

Some of the most pressing environmental problems in Indonesia today are plastic pollution and the consequences of large-scale land reclamation projects.

In recent years, protests against these problems have increased in size and impact, especially on Bali, where the ubiquity of plastic garbage and a controversial reclamation project in Benoa Bay have galvanised a large and diverse protest movement. What are the strategies and goals of the movement? Who is involved? And what role do music and visual art play in the movement’s engagement with residents and other activists beyond Bali?

In this episode of the Talking Indonesia podcast, Dr Dirk Tomsa discusses these and other questions with Dr Edwin Jurriens, Senior Lecturer and Convenor of the Indonesian Studies program at the University of Melbourne’s Asia Institute.

In 2019, the Talking Indonesia podcast is co-hosted by Dr Dave McRae from the University of Melbourne’s Asia Institute, Dr Jemma Purdey from Monash University, Dr Charlotte Setijadi from Singapore Management University and Dr Dirk Tomsa from La Trobe University.

This podcast was originally published via Indonesia at Melbourne.