Application to study away and funding

Application to study away

If you are travelling interstate or overseas for study, conference or research purposes, you need to complete the Application to Study Away process to notify the University when you will be away and where you are travelling to. The Application to Study Away form is completed online via the Student Portal. Candidates should review and complete the required steps via the Graduate Research Hub Study away web page to ensure the Application to Study Away form is complete. The application will not be processed until all required steps are complete.

Please note: Asia Institute-specific requirements (below) are required in addition to all applicable requirements listed on the Graduate Research Hub Study away web page.

Travel insurance

Applicants must show evidence of approved travel insurance before your study away can be approved. Applicants should register for travel insurance at the time of putting in the study away application. Once received, the approval email can be attached to your application to study away online via the Student Portal.


If you are intending to do more than one fieldwork trip over the course of your degree, you should plan carefully which scholarships or awards you will apply for, as some awards are available only once during your degree. You should also expect to contribute personal finances toward your trip as it is unlikely that the funding you receive will cover the full cost of your journey. Limited funding may be available for coursework Masters, honours, or graduate diploma students who wish to travel overseas for non-fieldwork study. For more information please visit the Scholarships website and Study overseas websites.

Please note: the funding options listed on this web page are available to students enrolled in research programs.

University scholarships

Travelling scholarships are offered by Melbourne Scholarships. For more information please visit the Scholarships website.

Faculty scholarships

The Faculty of Arts offers a range of scholarships and prizes to research students, including the Graduate Research in Arts Travel scheme (GRATS), Research and Graduate Studies Scheme (RAGS), Faculty of Arts Graduate Research International Grant , and PhD Fieldwork Grant scheme. For more information please see the Faculty of Arts Scholarships and Prizes web page.

Please take into consideration the Faculty due dates. Your application must be approved by the Asia Institute Committee before it can be submitted to the Faculty.

Please note: All applicants for the GRATS and PhD Fieldwork Grant Scheme funding must show support from the Asia Institute.

Asia Institute funding

Funding is available from the Asia Institute Graduate Support Fund. Doctor of Philosophy (Arts) candidates may apply for up to $3,000 and Masters by Research candidates up to $1000 during their candidature. The following criteria apply:

  • applications must be related to research or fieldwork tasks
  • an applicant must be a confirmed Doctor of Philosophy – Arts OR Masters by Research candidate prior to lodging an application and the commencement of the activity
  • applicants must have written support from their principal supervisor

Please apply via the School Research Funding Application Form.