Language Other Than English (LOTE) accreditation exams

The Asia Institute holds up to three examinations for LOTE accreditation for prospective teachers of Arabic, Chinese, Indonesian and Japanese each year.


LOTE 2021 Notice

Please note: Due to the unprecedented circumstances imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Asia Institute LOTE tests in November 2021 will be held online. Further information regarding November tests will be posted closer to the test dates.

Please select from the following LOTEs for further information and the online registration form for each exam.

Please note: the registration page for each language will close one week before the exam date.

  • Chinese -  The next exam will be on Thursday 30 June 2022. Applications close on 23 June.
  • Indonesian - The next exam date: Tuesday 28 June and Tuesday 22 November 2022.
  • Japanese - The next exam date: Friday 10 June and Friday 11 November 2022.
  • Arabic - The next exam will be on Thursday 27 October 2022. Applications close on 20 October.