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Translating Controversial Texts in East Asian Contexts: A Methodology for the Translation of 'Controversy'

Zulawnik, A. (2022). Translating Controversial Texts in East Asian Contexts: A Methodology for the Translation of 'Controversy'. Routledge.

Zulawnik focuses on the broad concept of ‘controversy’ and issues pertaining to the translation of politically and historically controversial texts in East Asia.

The research methodology is exemplified through a case study in the form of the author’s translation of the best-selling Japanese graphic novel (manga) Manga KenkanryĆ« (Hate Hallyu: The Comic) by Sharin Yamano (2005), a work that has been problematised as an attack on South Korean culture and the Korean Wave. Issues analysed and discussed in the research include translation risk, ethics, a detailed methodology for the translation of so-called controversial texts exemplified through numerous thematically divided examples from the translation of the chosen Japanese text, as well as examples from a Korean language equivalent (Manhwa Hyeomillyu – Hate Japanese Wave), and definition and contextualisation of the concept of ‘controversy’. There has been limited research in the field of translation studies, which seeks to exemplify potential pragmatic approaches for the translation of politically-charged texts, particularly in multi-modal texts such as the graphic novel.

It is hoped that Zulawnik’s research will serve both as a valuable source when examining South Korea–Japan relations and a theoretical and methodological base for further research and the development of an online augmented translation space with devices specifically suited for the translation of multi-modal texts such as – but not limited to – graphic novels and visual encyclopaedias.

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Smart Cities for Technological and Social Innovation

Kim, H. M., Sabri, S. and Kent, A. (eds.,). Smart Cities for Technological and Social Innovation (1st ed.). London; San Diego; Cambridge; Oxford: Academic Press, 2021

Smart Cities for Technological and Social Innovation establishes a key theoretical framework to understand the implementation and development of smart cities as innovation drivers, in terms of lasting impacts on productivity, livability and sustainability of specific initiatives. This framework is based on empirical analysis of 12 case studies, including pioneer projects from Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and more. It explores how successful smart cities initiatives nurture both technological and social innovation using a combination of regulatory governance and private agency.

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Screen-obsessed: Parenting in the Digital Age

W. Shin and M. Lwin Screen Obsessed: Parenting in the Digital Age. World Scientific, 2019.

Screen-obsessed: Parenting in the Digital Age is the first book solely focusing on parental supervision of children’s media use. This book distills important information regarding how parents can effectively guide their offspring living in the multimedia environment. This book discusses an extensive range of theories, issues, and subjects of parental mediation. Readers will discover how parental mediation works, new and traditional theoretical facets, and how this knowledge can be applied in various settings pertinent to the family.

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