The Korean Studies Research Hub (KSRH) supports multiple research projects on the following three themes: Korean migration to Australia: North Korea; and Australia-Korea Relations.

Current projects

KSRH receives generous funding from the Academy of Korean Studies under the South Korean Ministry of Education (Seed Grant 2020-2023, AKS-2019-INC-223000X and Lab Grant 2022-2025), the Australian Research Council Discovery Project (2022-2024, DP220103223), the Korea Foundation (Policy-Oriented Research Grant 2022-2023), and the Australia Korea Foundation under the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (2021-2023, AKF2020117).

2019 Korea Festival in Melbourne

Korean migration to Australia

The Korean Australian Survey is KSRH’s flagship research and a cross-faculty collaborative project, led by Dr Jay Song at the Asia Institute of the Faculty of Arts. Its inaugural members include Dr Wonsun Shin (School of Culture and Communication), Dr Daejeong Choi (Melbourne Business School) and Dr Ryan Gustafsson (Asia Institute). The team launched its first comprehensive survey of 1,000 Korean Australians in 2021 to mark the 60th anniversary of the diplomatic relations between Australia and South Korea.

The survey will take place every two years to understand motivations, routes and social networks of migration from Korea, as well as their media use, inter-generational communications and life satisfaction in Australia. The team investigates various walks of lives of Korean immigrants in Australia and their contribution to Australian economy and society. KSRH welcomes collaboration with museums, Korean resident associations, language schools, student associations, adoptee networks, working holiday makers and the like.

The Korean peninsula

North Korea

KSRH’s second main research theme is on North Korea and the Korean peninsula as a whole. The Hub welcomes graduate researchers, academics, journalists and policy analysts who would like to collaborate on joint publications on North Korean human rights, human security and migration. Scholarships and fellowships are available for research students and academic visitors. Several Research Assistant positions are available.

Korea Australia 1961-2021

Australia-Korea Relations

The third main research theme of KSRH is on Australia-Korea relations. Australia and South Korea have had diplomatic relations since 1961. The two countries have many common interests in security and trades under the shifting international power dynamics in the region. Yet, the bilateral relations are largely contingent on their respective relations with China and the US. KSRH focuses on under-discovered areas of bilateral relations on education, technology, energy and health sectors, and holds a series of policy roundtables. KSRH is in collaboration with the Asialink, the Australia Korea Business Council and key partner universities in South Korea.

The hub hosts Associate Professor Jeffery Robertson from Yonsei University as the inaugural Visiting Fellow at the Asia Institute. A joint PhD degree programme between the University of Melbourne in Australia and Korea University in Korea is work-in-progress.

For more information, email Dr Jay Song, KSRH Director and Senior Lecturer in Korean Studies.