Vedi Hadiz. Islamic Populism in Indonesia and the Middle East

Vedi Hadiz. Islamic Populism in Indonesia and the Middle East. Amsterdam University Press, 2016

In a novel approach to the field of Islamic politics, this provocative new study compares the evolution of Islamic populism in Indonesia, the country with the largest Muslim population in the world, to the Middle East. Utilising approaches from historical sociology and political economy, Vedi R. Hadiz argues that competing strands of Islamic politics can be understood as the product of contemporary struggles over power, material resources and the result of conflict across a variety of social and historical contexts.

'Beyond Bali subaltern citizens and post-colonial intimacy'

Ana Dragojlovic. Beyond Bali subaltern citizens and post-colonial intimacy. Amsterdam University Press, 2016

Beyond Bali: Subaltern Citizens and Post-Colonial Intimacy explores Balinese subaltern citizens' production of post-colonial intimacy both during colonialism and as they continue to have effects in the present. Balinese subaltern citizens, whether former leftist political exiles, artist or everyday citizens, rather than criticising, evoke colonial hierarchies of themselves as carriers of unique cultural traditions firstly promoted by the Dutch colonial policy (named 'Balinization'), to position themselves higher than the other foreigners in the Dutch post-colonial matrix of difference.

'Global Media and Public Diplomacy in Sino-Western Relations'

Jia Gao, Catherine Ingram and Pookong Kee (eds.,). Global Media and Public Diplomacy in Sino-Western Relations. Routledge, 2016

This volume presents a broad social science audience with recent innovative scholarship and research findings on global media and public diplomacy concerning Sino-Western relations. It focuses on the implicit nexus between global media and public diplomacy, and their actual utilisation in and impact on the shifting relationships between China and the West. Special attention is given to the changing nature of globalised media in both China and Western nations, and how globalised media is influencing, shaping and changing international politics.