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Garin Nugroho’s ‘Satan Jawa’ panel discussion

This panel discussion explored the themes Garin Nugroho’s film addresses and was opened by the director who reflected on his new production which he calls ‘an ode to my childhood in Yogyakarta’. He was joined in conversation by Emeritus Professor Barbara Hatley, Professor Krishna Sen and Dr Sadiah Boonstra. The panel was moderated by Dr Edwin Jurriens.

Japanese security policy under Prime Minister Abe: A revival of militarism?

International Relations scholars continue to examine the evolution of Japanese security policy through the prism of realism which has been challenged by constructivist approaches. The former pays attention to the change in security policy following the ‘rise of China’, while the latter focuses on the constraints on policy posed by antimilitarist norms. These two approaches lead to contending interpretations in relation to the changes in Japanese security policy under Prime Minister Abe, but are these leading to a revival of militarism?

Deepening Reform for China’s Long-Term Growth and Development

After three decades of rapid growth and transition from a planned economy, China is facing a tough set of challenges that threaten to derail its growth path. The leadership has called for deepening reforms to right the structural imbalances, fix institutional distortions, reduce environmental damage and improve income distribution. How will these reforms unfold? How will they affect China's growth and that of other economies?

Immigration in Diversified Australia: Migration to Australia in a Historical Perspective, The Origins of the Colour Bar

Chair: Professor Pookong Kee, former Director, Asia Institute, University of Melbourne; with Professor Marilyn Lake, ARC Professorial Fellow, History Program, University of Melbourne and The Hon Stephen Charles QC, Retired Supreme Court Judge and Member of the Immigration Reform Group

Immigration in Diversified Australia: Current Temporary and Permanent Settlement Patterns in Australia

Chair: Professor Ruth Fincher, President, Academic Board and Professor of Geography, University of Melbourne; with Professor Graeme Hugo AO, ARC Australian Professorial Fellow, University of Adelaide and Professor Lesleyanne Hawthorne, International Workforce, University of Melbourne

Immigration in Diversified Australia: Access to Public Goods and Social Equity

Chair: Mr Hakan Akyol, Director, Office of Multicultural Affairs and Citizenship, Victoria; with Ms Maria Dimopoulos, Managing Director, MyriaD Consultants, Member of the Federal Government’s 2011 Access and Equity Inquiry Panel and Professor Paul Smyth, Professor of Social Policy at the University of Melbourne, and General Manager of the Research and Policy Centre at the Brotherhood of St Laurence