Workshop for Japanese Language Teachers 国語研日本語教師セミナー


Workshop for Japanese Language Teachers 国語研日本語教師セミナー

Yasuko Hiraoka Myer Room, Level 1
Sidney Myer Asia Centre


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In this workshop, Professor Mayumi Usami will introduce the Basic Transcription System for Japanese (BTSJ) and the Natural Conversation Resource Bank (NCRB), and explain the benefits to the teaching of Japanese language both in secondary and tertiary levels. Dr Jun Ohashi will explain the benefit of using naturally occurring data in language teaching from a theoretical point of view and demonstrate some practical examples to assist participants to develop their own teaching materials.

The resources used will be made available for all participants at no cost. The workshop is suitable for Japanese language teachers in tertiary and secondary education institutions and undergraduate/graduate students who are interested in Japanese language teaching.


  • Dr Jun Ohashi
  • Professor Mayumi  Usami