The Precarious Balance of Hate and Love in our Times


The Precarious Balance of Hate and Love in our Times

William Macmahon Ball Theatre (Room 107)
Old Arts


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A contribution to the understanding of hope and apathy

In the third of this series of seminars, Coll Osman addresses our hatred of reality and our limited capacity to bear it. She discusses the impact that denial, as well as the distortion of reality, has on our functioning and well-being both personally and collectively. She argues that the relative ease with which hope can be extinguished in the current climate of fear, prejudice, terrorism and racism provokes extreme reactions.

Ms Osman will emphasise that we cannot do away with our passionate natures but that we are more likely to sustain hope and resist apathy when we struggle to be informed of the state of our inner worlds as well as that of the world around us. She will suggest that such awareness diminishes the possibility that we will collude with practices and prejudices with which we consciously disagree while providing us with a more secure basis upon which to challenge ourselves and those around us.



  • Ms Coll Osman
    Ms Coll Osman, Melbourne Institute for Psychoanalysis