Bodies and Suffering: Emotions and Relations of Care


Bodies and Suffering: Emotions and Relations of Care

This book is a critical response to a range of problems – some theoretical, others empirical – that shape questions surrounding the lived experience of suffering. It explores how moral and ethical questions of personal suffering are experienced, contested, negotiated and institutionalised. Bodies and Suffering investigates the moral labour and significance invested in actions to care for others, or in failing to do so. Drawing on case studies and empirical research, Bodies and Suffering examines the idea of the suffering body across different cultures and contexts and the experience and treatment of these suffering bodies. The book draws on theories of affect, embodiment, the phenomenology of illness and moralities of care, to produce a nuanced understanding of suffering as being located across the assumed borders of time, space, bodies, persons and things.

The launch will be hosted by Professor Vedi Hadiz; the book's authors, Ana Dragojlovic and Alex Broom; and invited speakers, Tamara Kohn and Chris Healy. Light refreshments will be served.

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  • Associate Professor Chris Healy
    Associate Professor Chris Healy, The University of Melbourne
  • Associate Professor Tamara Kohn
    Associate Professor Tamara Kohn, The University of Melbourne
  • Professor Alex Broom
  • Dr Ana Dragojlovic
    Dr Ana Dragojlovic, Lecturer in Gender Studies, Faculty of Arts