Asia Institute Postgraduate Conference 2017


Asia Institute Postgraduate Conference 2017

Gryphon Gallery
1888 Building


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The Asia Institute is pleased to host a postgraduate research student conference on topics related to Asia and the Middle East. This conference represents an opportunity for those interested in Asia and the Middle East to learn about new, diverse and important approaches and to provide valuable feedback to scholars of the field.

Please see the list of conference presentations below.

10:30am-10:45am: • Keynote Speech by Dr Lewis Mayo

10:50am-12:50pm: • “Resurgent Kurdish Nationalism, Turkish-Iranian relations and the Syrian Civil War: A Historical Sociological Analysis” • “Autonomy and Its Reprisals: The Kurds and the 25th” • “Ethno-Religious Identity, Social Capital and Peacebuilding among Youth” • “Islamization of Democracy or Democratization of Islam? The Interplay of Islam and Democracy in Pakistani Constitutional Discourse”

1:20pm-3:20pm • “Smaller Players’ Strategic Choices: the Philippines’ and Vietnam’s Responses to A Rising China On the South China Sea Issue” • “Manufacturing Neoliberal Subjects: An Indonesian Case Study on Precarious Workers in the Apps-Enabled Transport Services of the Gig Economy” • “‘Your Vagina is a Rice Paddy’: Hegemonic Femininity and the Evolving Moralities of Sex in Chiang Mai”

3:40pm-5:30pm: • “Language Maintenance and the importance in identity performance” • “The Evaluation Research on the Status of Regional Cooperation Effect in China” • “Shifting Discourses and Challenges faced by M+ Museum in Hong Kong” • “The Power of Play: Parkour and Social Politics in the Asia-Pacific”

This is a free event with refreshments provided. Please join us to support postgraduate students researching Asia and the Middle East!