Social integration of Chinese married women in contemporary Japan: a social network perspective

Fangming Yang

Master’s student, Graduate School of Sociology, Kwansei Gakuin University


Since the establishment of China-Japan diplomatic relationship in 1972, the exchanges between the two countries are becoming more frequent. The number of international marriages across the two counties is also increasing. According to the statistics of foreign residents in Japan, from 1997, the number of Chinese women married with Japanese has exceeded that of the Philippines, ranking them at the top. Moreover, the number of Chinese couples, regardless of the place of marriage, as well as their tendency of long-term stay or settlement in Japan is also increasing. The integration of Chinese into Japanese society, therefore, has become an important issue  in contemporary Japan. This is a research in progress where, I focus on the social integration of Chinese women married with Japanese men and Chinese women married with Chinese men, and are living in Japan, from the perspective of social network. Many studies take Chinese married woman as an individual research objective. However, I consider the husband as an important joint point in her social network in the process of social integration. This research is qualitative in nature and conducts interview survey. In this study, I will analyze the social networks associated with both the employment situation and the daily lifestyles, and try to clarify the mechanism and the role of family members in social integration of Chinese married women in Japan.