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Ear to Asia is a podcast series produced by Asia Institute. In 2018 the series is hosted by Vice Chancellor's Fellow Ali Moore. Ali is a well-known broadcast journalist and presenter.

From Japan to Turkey, from China to Indonesia, and to many places in between, Ear to Asia talks with our researchers who focus on Asia - in all its diversity of peoples, societies and histories. If you'd like to feast your ears on in-depth conversations about the world’s most populous and dynamic region, we encourage you to subscribe to Ear to Asia.

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Episode 21: Middle East Power Play: Arab states grappling with a newly assertive Iran

Dr Kylie Moore-Gilbert and Dr Kylie Baxter
Dr Kylie Moore-Gilbert and Dr Kylie Baxter

As Iran jockeys for greater influence in a changing Middle East, how are nearby Arab states responding? Asia Institute political analysts Dr Kylie Baxter and Dr Kylie Moore-Gilbert unpack the fast-evolving geopolitics of a region noted for its perpetually colliding interests. Presented by Ali Moore.

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Episode 20: Unforgiven: Japan through the eyes of Korea and China

Asia researchers Dr Jun Ohashi and Dr Jay Song consider the optics of Japan’s relations with its neighbours, the Koreas and China, where decades-old memories of Japanese invasion and subjugation remain front and centre. What will it take for Japan to overcome its wartime history and regain the trust of these nations? Presented by Ali Moore.

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Episode 19: China’s Belt and Road Initiative: Audacious global strategy or Sino overreach?

Asia international relations experts Dr Sow Keat Tok and Dr Pradeep Taneja unravel the motivations and implications behind China’s ambitious Belt and Road Initiative, a multi-trillion dollar infrastructure update to the historic Silk Road that’s set to redefine trade and geopolitics across 3 continents, 2 oceans and some 65 countries. Presented by Ali Moore.

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Episode 18: Deciding what's a language in Tibet

Anthropologist Dr Gerald Roche outlines the surprisingly diverse language landscape of the Tibetan Plateau, and what factors - geographic, social and political - contribute to whether a language is supported or even recognised. He also explains why some languages in Tibet are becoming endangered and how new ones are starting to emerge.

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Episode 17: Maintaining Balinese cultural identity at home in the Netherlands

On Ear to Asia, anthropologist Dr Ana Dragojlovic recounts the history of Dutch colonisation of Bali, and examines the experiences of migrants from Bali to the land of their former coloniser as they work hard to maintain their Balinese identity.

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