Ideas of the Future: Building Relations


Ideas of the Future: Building Relations

The Open Stage
757 Swanston Street
Parkville, VIC 3010


China Australia Literary Forum 5

Ideas of the Future: Building Relations

The China Australian Literary Forum (CALF) brings writers, critics and publishers from Australia and China together in dialogue about literature and cultural translation.

Featuring delegates from China and Australia in a series of panels followed by selected readings in the evening. Themes of the program include: Worlds of the Future, Ecology and Environment, Economies and Networks, and Building Relationships.

CALF 5 is co-hosted by the Writing and Society Research Centre, the Australia-China Institute for Arts and Culture, the Australian Centre, University of Melbourne, and the China Writers Association, sponsored by the ARC for the Other Worlds: Forms of World Literature Discovery Project.


  • Associate Professor Justin Clemens
    Associate Professor Justin Clemens, School of Culture and Communication
  • Dr Xiang Ren
    Dr Xiang Ren, Institute for Culture and Society
  •  Sam Cooney
    Sam Cooney, Publisher-in-Residence
  • Dr Kate Fagan
    Dr Kate Fagan, Senior Lecturer
  • Dr Lisa Gorton
    Dr Lisa Gorton, Poet and Novelist
  • Dr James Ley
    Dr James Ley, Literary Critic and Editor
  • Professor David McCooey
    Professor David McCooey, Faculty of Arts and Education
  •  Felicity Castagna
  •  Yan Jingming
    Yan Jingming, Vice President
  •  Dong Xi
    Dong Xi, President
  •  Long Yi
    Long Yi, Vice President
  •  Li  Guoping
    Li Guoping, Vice President
  •  Ying Hong
    Ying Hong, Editor in Chief
  •  Zheng Xiaoqiong
  •  Xia  Jia
    Xia Jia, Novelist