2016 Literary Awards announced

The Australian Centre and Faculty of Arts Literary Awards were announced on Sunday 4 September at Melbourne Writers Festival.

Guests were graciously Welcomed to Country by Wurundjeri Elder Aunty Dianne Kerr. Ken Gelder hosted the afternoon which drew a full house, and included past and current recipients, donor families and friends, judges, faculty and visitors to the Melbourne Writers Festival.

A special congratulation to Creative Writing PhD student Ben Kunkler who, on the same day, managed to get married and receive the Affirm Press Creative Writing Prize. Understandably he was unable to attend.

The winners are:

Kate Challis RAKA Award: Alexis Wright for The Swan Book

Peter Blazey Fellowship: Eleanor Hogan for Into the Loneliness: The Literary Alliance of Ernestine Hill and Daisy Bates (work in progress)

Wesley Michel Wright: Linda Weste for Nothing Sacred (extracts)

Affirm Press Creative Writing Prize: Benjamin Kunkler for Frankness (draft manuscript)

More information

  • Read the judges citations on our Prizes web page

Image top: Aunty Dianne Kerr
Image below: Linda Weste
Photos: Jodie Hutchinson