2014 Peter Blazey Fellow releases new book

Rebe Taylor's winning manuscript has been published by Melbourne University Press. Into the Heart of Tasmania tells a story of discovery and realisation.

Into the Heart of Tasmania coverOne man's ambition to rewrite the history of human culture inspires an exploration of the controversy stirred by Tasmanian Aboriginal history. It brings to life how Australian and British national identities have been fashioned by shame and triumph over the supposed destruction of an entire race. To reveal the beating heart of Aboriginal Tasmania is to be confronted with a history that has never ended.

Dr Rebe Taylor specialises in the history of anthropology and archaeology in Tasmania (Tasmanian Aboriginal peoples) at the University of Melbourne. Taylor was awarded the 2014 Peter Blazey Fellowship for a work in progress in the non-fiction fields of life-writing, biography or autobiography. This award is offered annually through the Australian Centre.

For more information about the book please visit the Melbourne University Press website

Read an excerpt from the book on the Melbourne University Press blog

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