Marrugeku's Cut the Sky is touring to remote WA and Europe

Cut the Sky will be touring to Mandurah, Broome, Mowanjum and Ardyaloon community in August, followed by performances in Germany, Luxembourg and Belgium in October.

Cut the Sky ©Marrugeku Theatre 2015

Marrugeku is an innovative intercultural dance theatre company based in Broome whose latest production draws on a landmark Aboriginal land rights protest and seeks to give an Indigenous perspective on climate change.

Co-Artistic Director Rachael Swain is an Discovery Early Career Researcher (DECRA) at the Australian Centre. Her project is Listening to Country: Indigenous Dance Dramaturgy in Remote Australia.

More information about Marrugeku can be found on the Marrungeku Theatre website.

Download the tour flyer (1.28Mb pdf)