Dinny O'Hearn Fellowships

2016 Dinny O'Hearn Fellowship

Anupama Pilbrow for her work in progess the ravage space

"Anupama submitted a suite of poems titled ravage space. The judges agreed that these poems were both compelling and of a remarkably high standard. They spoke to an Australian/South Asian diaspora, to street life and the life of things and people, of relationships, past lives and futures. The poems were formally and linguistically fascinating, mixing English with Hindi and Marathi phrases with the aim – as some excellent accompanying notes put it – of 'reframing pluralism as the cultural norm'. This is inventive, thoughtful and vibrant work. The judges look forward to the publication of this collection and are certain it will be met with critical acclaim"


  • Chair: Professor Ken Gelder, Co-director, Australian Centre, The University of Melbourne
  • Dr Eddie Paterson, Lecturer, Creative Writing, The University of Melbourne
  • Dr Elizabeth MacFarlane, Lecturer, Creative Writing, The University of Melbourne

2013 Dinny O'Hearn Fellowship

Amy Barker for her work-in-progress Paradise Earth.

"Amy Barker's developing novel explores the Port Arthur massacre as a national and individual traumascape. Her narrative is deeply inward and managed with a keen eye."

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  • Julia Prendergast for The Earth Does Not Get Fat
  • Janine Mikosza for Monkey Boy
  • Joanne Riccioni for The Onorati


  • Chair: Professor Chris Wallace-Crabbe, The University of Melbourne
  • Dr Delia Falconer - Senior Lecturer, The University of Technology Sydney
  • Dr Lisa Gorton - Alumni Member, The University of Melbourne
  • Mr Nick Sharman - Media and Communications Lecturer, The University of Melbourne