Conference proceedings

1. Front Matter

1.1 Preface and Introduction

2. Keynote Address

2.1 - Chronicle of a Disappearance Foretold
Romy Golan, City University of New York

3. Histories

3.1 - Between the Walls: Remembering Colonial Frontier Space at Purrumbete, 1901-2
Karen Burns, Monash University

3.2 - Vistas on the Past: Tapestries and the Period Style Interior c.1900-1940
Robert Crocker, University of South Australia

3.3 - Past and Present Exchanges in the Work in Australia of Romaldo Giurgola
Stephen Frith, University of Canberra

3.4 - Not Quite Architecture ... Cold War History, New Brutalist Ethics and ‘Parallel of Life and Art’, 1953
Ryan Johnston, University of Melbourne

3.5 - Marie Hagerty, Peter Karmel Building Façade, Canberra School of Music
Anthony White, University of Melbourne

4. Shifting Boundaries

4.1 - Renewed Vows: Centre Five and the Post-war Remarriage of Melbourne Sculptors and Architects
Jane Eckett, University of Melbourne

4.2 - Architectonics of Multimedia
Anne James, Kyoto Institute of Technology

4.3 - The exploded whale: Vito Acconci in the Design Market
Grace McQuilten, University of Melbourne

4.4 - The Idea of Rome in Fascist Art and Architecture: The Decorative Program of the Palazzo dei congressi in EUR, Rome
Flavia Marcello, Deakin University

4.5 - Dancing with Dr D: Ambiguities of Space and Context in Gunther von Hagens’ Body Worlds Exhibitions
Christopher Marshall, University Of Melbourne

5. From East to West

5.1 - Superflat Architecture: Culture and Dimensionality
Dave Beynon, Deakin University

5.2- Close Encounters with Foreign Space/craft: The Role of the “Alien” within the Development of Contemporary Art Centres
Damian Lentini, University of Ballarat

5.3 - AR (chi) Tecture: Art, Consciousness, Architecture
Maggie McCormick, RMIT University