Loni Cooper appointed Journalism Fellow

ABC NewsRadio Presenter and Producer Loni Cooper has joined the Centre for Advancing Journalism as a Journalism Fellow.

Ms Cooper will create a website and social media presence dedicated to improving reporting on violence against women.

Loni Cooper She will analyse how the media covers the issue, and will do her own original reporting.

"I think the Australian media is now at a place where they're interested in doing a better job reporting on this issue," she said.

"There are still so many misconceptions around the drivers of violence against women but the intent is there."

The audience for her intervention will primarily be other journalists, but Ms Cooper noted that she wants to engage students and other people with a broad interest in the issue.

As well as working as a Presenter and Producer on ABC NewsRadio, Ms Cooper has spent the past three years working as a Researcher at Media Watch.

"My time at Media Watch has made me interested in how the media works," she said.

"This is a really important research project, and it's important that it's happening now."

Cooper's appointment comes as part of a broader research push into media coverage of violence against women.

"The Centre for Advancing Journalism values research that engages with the profession of journalism, the media industry and the wider community," said CAJ Co-Acting Director Dr Denis Muller.

"When it comes to an issue like violence against women, which affects so many Australians from so many walks of life, it's vital that we get out of the ivory tower and collaborate."

Dr Muller said that the appointment of Ms Cooper will enable Centre researchers to communicate directly with industry.

"This will have a direct, positive impact on how the media covers violence against women, and therefore on community attitudes, and awareness."