From the Catholic Church to President Trump - Investigative Reporting vs. the Excesses of Power

For decades, American cardinals and bishops - and their peers across the Globe - engaged in an international criminal conspiracy to keep secret the sexual abuse of countless thousands of children. But investigative reporters exposed the crimes. Then in 2016, the economic and journalistic fortunes of US media could not have seemed bleaker - until Donald Trump unwittingly became the new patron saint of the First Amendment. His coarse attempts to undermine the Constitution have awakened the slumbering watchdogs of the Fourth Estate. Now, all the dogs are barking. And the public wonders: Without investigative reporting, without a strong and aggressive press, can Democracy survive? And if investigative reporting cannot hold powerful Popes and Presidents accountable, then who can?

Presented by Walter Robinson, Editor-at-Large of the Boston Globe and leader of the Spotlight Team's investigations into abuse in the Catholic Church.