Announcing pioneering research into media coverage of violence against women

A team of researchers led by the Centre for Advancing Journalism has secured $106,000 in funding to investigate how media coverage influences community attitudes to violence against women.

In partnership with Domestic Violence Victoria, Vic Health and the Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission, the interdisciplinary team will investigate how media organisations decide to cover violence against women, and whether this process is changing.

A professional journalist will be employed as an ambassador for this research project, undertaking original reporting and interviewing sources often neglected by mainstream media coverage.

They will also maintain a website and social media presence devoted to spotlighting best-practice examples of reporting on violence against women.

"We know very little about how journalists can positively contribute to an issue that impacts just about every aspect of Australian life," said CAJ Director Assoc. Professor Margaret Simons.

"It's great to be able to provide a useful contribution to such a vital topic."

The funding was secured through the Australian Research Council’s Linkage Project Scheme. The Linkage Projects scheme aims to encourage cooperative approaches to research, funding academics to work with partners in business, industry or community organisations.

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