Centre for Advancing Journalism settles into new offices

The Centre for Advancing Journalism (CAJ) and The Citizen have settled into a new home.

The CAJ Newsroom

Located in the John Medley building in Parkville, the CAJ Newsroom is the new primary workspace for students and staff involved in The Citizen, as well as a hub for all the activities of the Centre.

Staff including editor of The Citizen Simon Mann, Editorial Assistant Jen Martin and CAJ Director Assoc Prof Margaret Simons are based in the Newsroom, which also includes workstations for Honorary Fellow Ramona Koval and Vice-Chancellor's Fellow Jim Middleton.

Desk space is also available for students to drop in and use as needed. As the home of The Citizen, the Newsroom will also serve as the classrom for the subject JOUR90010 Newsroom-Applied Professional Practice.