Journalism Thesis Part 1 (JOUR90015)

Dr Jeff Sparrow
Centre for Advancing Journalism

This video is for students interested in enrolling in Journalism Thesis. It is intended as a supplement to the handbook entry on the subject.

The minor thesis requires the production of a twelve-thousand word essay drawing on considerable reading and research, and making a sustained argument. Many students, particularly if they are not accustomed to academic research and writing, find it a considerable challenge. For others, it can be rewarding and stimulating.

What do I need to know before starting?

Some of the main responsibilities as a research student include:

  • Being self-directed in your learning and research. Unlike most undergraduate subjects, a minor thesis depends on you working alone and taking initiative
  • Making good progress. A minor thesis is twelve thousand words and cannot be written in a rush. You will be expected to work methodically throughout the entire year
  • Being proactive. Your supervisor will give you advice but it will be up to you to raise any issues – good or bad – with your supervisors as soon as they arise

Read more about your responsibilities as a research student

What skills are I required to develop to succeed in the minor thesis journey?

The minor thesis journey requires a high level of skills such as:

  • Time management skills
  • Library research skills
  • Critical analysis of relevant literature
  • Key writing skills (eg structuring the thesis and its components, building and presenting arguments, referencing, proof reading)
  • Document keeping and version control
  • Presentation skills

Fore more information please consult the Handbook entry.

Handbook entry