CCCS Seed Grant Winners

We are delighted to announce the 2021 CCCS Seed Funding grant outcome as below.

CCCS PhD Publication Grant 2021 winners

Hong Jiang (School of Geography, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences), Paper(s) on ‘Contemporary river channel change processes under multiple, interacting, human-impacts in the Han River, China’

Junxian Chen (Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning), Paper on ‘The Chinese way to greenways: implementation processes and outcomes of four cases in the Central Zhejiang City-Region’

Wendi Li (Department of Media and Communication, School of culture and communication), Paper on ‘Youth Climate Activism Beyond the Internet: Constructing a Youth-driven Global Climate Public Sphere in Hong Kong’

CCCS New Project Grant 2021 winners

Dr Jun Fu (Melbourne Graduate School of Education) with team members Wenjing Zhang (School of Geography), Dr Ke Lin (Faculty of Education, Beijing Normal University) and A/Prof Hernan Cuervo (Melbourne Graduate School of Education) on Project ‘Everyday Citizenship and Belonging of Mobile Chinese Students in Melbourne and Beijing’

A/Prof Fran Martin (School of Culture and Communication) with team member Dr Sylvia Ang (Asia Institute) on Project ‘Pandemic politics and the rise of immigration: Attitudes toward ‘westerners’ and the West among youths in China’