The Perfect Storm: Hong Kong's Political Crisis


The Perfect Storm: Hong Kong's Political Crisis

Copland Theatre - B01
198 Berkeley Street


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How do we understand what's happening in Hong Kong? Is this a turning point where, by showing up in the millions to protest, Hong Kong has bought itself time against the encroachment of China’s political system, or is this merely a local revolt against a deeply unpopular leader and her policies?

Panellists will draw from their disciplinary perspectives to discuss events, including the information war that is unfolding in the streets and cyberspace; the extradition bill and post-1997 governance in Hong Kong – the unreformed colonial system meets the People's Republic of China; and Hong Kong’s diminishing role in China’s economic future.


  • Ms Louisa Lim
    Ms Louisa Lim, Senior Lecturer in Audiovisual Journalism, Centre for Advancing Journalism
  • Professor John  Burns
    Professor John Burns, Emeritus Professor, Honorary Professor, Dept. of Politics and Public Administration
  • Professor Christine Wong
    Professor Christine Wong, Professor of Chinese Studies and Director of the Centre for Contemporary Chinese Studies