Staff publications

The latest publications and commentary from Centre staff Professor Christine Wong, Dr Zoe Wang, Dr Anthony Spires, Associate Professor Fengshi Wu, Dr Sarah Rogers, and Ms Xiao Han.

Professor Christine Wong contributed the chapter 'The financial crisis and the challenge of fiscal federalism in China: the 2008 stimulus and the limits of China's intergovernmental system' in the recently published book 'The Future of federalism; Intergovernmental Financial Relations in the Age of Austerity', edited by Richard Eccleston (University of Tasmania) and Richerd Krever (Monash University) and available from Edward Elgar Publishing.

Professor Christine Wong has a chapter titled, "An update on fiscal reform", in new volume, China's 40 Years of Reform and Development: 1978-2018, edited by Ross Garnaut and Ligang Song, ANU Press, 2018

Professor Christine Wong has contributed a chapter, "Bold Strategy or Irrational Exuberance: Can China's Fiscal Foundation Support the Belt and Road Initiative?", in a volume titled, China's Future: Challenges, Choices and Contingencies, edited by Thomas Fingar and Jean Oi, Stanford University Press, forthcoming

Professor Christine Wong has contributed a chapter, "Public Policy for a Modernizing China: The Challenge of Providing Universal Access to Education under Fiscal Decentralization", in a volume titled, Inclusive Growth and Fiscal Decentralisation in Asia, edited by Sean M. Dougherty and Junghun Kim, OECD, forthcoming

Professor Christine Wong co-authored a paper with Valerie Kurplus, 'China’s war on air pollution: Can existing governance structures support new ambitions?', and is now available online in The China Quarterly, September 2017

Professor Christine Wong published a piece for East Asia Forum on progress in China's fiscal reforms. A version of this piece is the Centre's Research Brief for June 2017, June 2017

Associate Professor Fengshi Wu was the guest editor of the special issue “Evolving State-Society Relations in China: Introduction” of China Review, vol. 17, no. 2, June 2017

Associate Professor Fengshi Wu co-authored a paper with Hongzhou Zhang, “China’s Marine Fishery and Global Ocean Governance” in Global Policy, May 2017

Associate Professor Fengshi Wu published a paper, “Having Peers and Becoming One?: Collective Consciousness among Civil Society Actors in China” published in Journal of Contemporary China, January 2017

Associate Professor Fengshi Wu co-edited an anthology with Hongzhou Zhang (Nanyang Technological University) titled 'China's Global Conquest for Resources' (2017) on China's policy around resource shortage and the impacts this is having internationally, and is available from Routledge, November 2016

Dr Anthony Spires published a piece, "Chinese youth and alternative narratives of volunteering" for China Information, vol. 32 no. 2, July 2018

Dr Anthony Spires co-authored a paper with Jingyun Dai, "Advocacy in an Authoritarian State: How Grassroots Environmental NGOs Influence Local Governments in China", in The China Journal, August 2017

Dr Sarah Rogers has co-authored a journal article with Nahui Zhen and Jon Barnett, "Everyday practices and technologies of household water consumption: evidence from Shanghai", in Environment & Urbanization, June 2018

Dr Sarah Rogers has co-authored an article, "Re-evaluating China's water crisis", in chinadialogue, May 2018

Dr Sarah Rogers has co-authored a journal article on China's hydropolitics in the journal WIREs Water, August 2017

Dr Sarah Rogers recently contributed a piece for China Policy Institute - Adapting to Climate change in rural China (March 2017) - in which she discusses the environmental challenges for adaptation to climate change in Chinese Agriculture. Her full-length journal article on this topic appears in WIREs climate change, June 2016

Dr Sarah Rogers has published a co-authored journal article on China's South-North Water Transfer project in the journal Regional Studies., April 2016

Dr Zoe Wang recently contributed an article to The Interpreter by Lowy Institute on the issue of Taiwan-Australian refugee medical treatment, July 2018.

Dr Zoe Wang has contributed two commentaries for SBS Chinese on the topic of Australia’s growing population and Australia’s recycling crisis. May and July 2018.

Dr Zoe Wang spoke to SBS Radio Chinese about Chinese leader Li Keqian's visit to Australia and the free trade agreement between China and Australia (ChAFTA). In her interview, Zoe talked about the Australia’s position on free trade agreement and the potential impacts on agricultural market after China opening door for Australian chilled beef. You can listen to the interview at the SBS Radio Chinese web page. March 2017

Dr Zoe Wang published a journal article titled “Green Watershed in Yunnan: a multi-scalar analysis of environmental non-governmental organisation (eNGO) relationships in China” in Australian Geographer, 2016.