In 2013, China proposed the “Belt and Road Initiative” (BRI) with the stated purpose to promote connectivity and cooperation between China and the world. Driven in part by the ‘Going out’ strategy and BRI, Chinese companies have actively expanded their overseas footprint in nearly every corner of the world.

We believe a knowledge network can provide a platform for the participating countries to understand each other, and people could have a deeper appreciation of this grand strategy linked to the varied response of countries and regional organisations to the BRI, from policy elites to local communities.

Initiated by the Centre for Contemporary Chinese Studies (CCCS) at the University of Melbourne, this Global China Knowledge Network aims to be a platform that enables the development, sharing and articulation of knowledge on China’s “Going Global” process.

Through the lens of large Chinese investment projects in Indonesia and other ASEAN countries, this Global China Knowledge Network will provide timely and credible information on China’s going-out process, showcase new research findings on China’s regional engagement, and promote the networking between academics working on global China-related issues and with relevant industry professions.

This Global China Knowledge Network is also initiated and funded by Ford Foundation.

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