Civic engagement

Civic engagement policies

  • [China] The Establish of China International Development Cooperation Agency (CIDCA)

    The China International Development Cooperation Agency was founded on April 18, 2018. This new agency integrates the functions of the Ministry of Commerce for foreign aid work and the functions of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for foreign aid coordination (People’s Daily, 2018). According to its official website, “The agency aims to formulate strategic guidelines, plans and policies for foreign aid, coordinate and offer advice on major foreign aid issues, advance the country's reforms in matters involving foreign aid, and identify major programs and supervise and evaluate their implementation” (China International Development Cooperation Agency, 2018).

  • [China] 14th Five-Year Plan for the Development of Social Organisations

    On September 30th, 2021, the Ministry of Civil Affairs of China issued the 14th Five-Year Plan for Social Organization Development (hereafter referred to as the Plan) for the years 2021- 2025. This document explicitly states that China will “steadily promote ‘Going Out’ strategy for domestic NGOs, carry out overseas cooperation in an orderly manner, enhance the ability of China`s social organizations in the participation of global governance, and improve the influence of Chinese culture and China’s ‘soft power’ (The State Council, 2021).