“My study and life in Australia” short video contest & Grassroots Ambassador Award

“我的澳洲留学生活” 短视频大赛 暨中澳民间使者 报名开启

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Introduction 大赛简介

The University of Melbourne and the National Foundation for Australia-China Relations have collaborated to officially launch the “My Study and Life in Australia” Short Video Contest. We are inviting all Chinese students who have studied or are currently studying in Australian universities to record and share your own stories between the Australian and Chinese culture and society.


Awards 大赛奖项

Excellent Works 优秀作品奖 (50)

Fifty winners will be selected from all the entries and certificates will be awarded by the organising committee.


Finalists 单项奖 (6)

In the final contest, the panel of judges will select one first prize (2,000 AUD), two second prizes (1,500 AUD each), three third prizes (1,000 AUD each).


Special Awards 专项奖 (Several)

There’ll be some special awards selected from the final works. For example, Best Story-telling Award, Best Creative Award, Outstanding Editing Reward and so on.


Themes 单元主题

The videos will include, but are not limited to, the following five themes: academic experience, engagement with broader Australian society, personal/social life, living experiences, and students' sense of personal maturation, gains and growth during their Australian study journey.


Academic Experience 澳洲留学

Your experiences about studying in Australia or any other topics related to Chinese students’ academic journey in Australia.


Engagement with the Broader Australian Society 澳洲社会

Recording Australia through your eyes. This may include Australian cities, sceneries, stories, and life styles.


Personal/Social Life 社交娱乐

Keep a record of the personal and social life of a Chinese international student, your perspectives of life and unique feelings. Share some vivid details about the interactions between Chinese people and the Australians that you have observed.


Living Experience 澳洲生活感受

Tell your stories about living in Australia. Record and introduce the history, cultural heritage, natural and social landscape of Australia.

Share your stories about finding, visiting, recommending and understanding of the food in Australia.


Personal Growth and Gains 个人成长和收获

Share your reflections on how your experience of studying in Australia have changed you or your life.


Requirements 作品要求

Video submissions should be closely aligned with the themes of this contest,  revolving around real-life experiences, the observations, or reflections of studying and living in Australia. Video submissions shall not contain discriminative, pornographic, or violent content. Any product placement is prohibited.


  • The video should be 3-5 minutes long, in HD/MP4 format, less than 200MB. Both vertical and horizontal videos are eligible. The resolution of the work should be 1280*720 or above. Files in MPG, MPEG, AVI, MOV, WMV, MP4 etc. are all accepted.

    时长3-5分钟内,视频格式为高清Mp4,大小不超过        200MB。支持横、竖屏多种格式。作品分辨率为1280*720或以上,接受MPG、MPEG、AVI、MOV、WMV、MP4等格式文件。
  • Institutional and individual participants are both accepted. Each participant can submit at most 5 entries.

  • There are no requirements for the form or genre of the submissions. They may include interviews, talk show, short documentary or vlog. Other creative genres are all welcome. Professional or phone filming are both acceptable.

  • You are invited to submit entries either in English or Chinese. Bilingual subtitles are preferable.


How to Apply/Notice 大赛须知

  1. Online Registration/Expression of Interest: Open until July 15, 2022

    报名时间: 即日起至2022年7月15日

    Register here or scan the QR code to start your registration.

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  2. Submissions open: March 1 until 9:00AM on July 15, 2022

    投稿时间: 2022年3月1日至2022年7月15日9:00AM.


    Upload your videos here or scan the QR code to submit your entry.

    QR code

  3. Expert reviewing: October 1 until November 1, 2022

    The Organising Committee will invite renowned experts in areas of cultural exchange, international communication, and education to form a Review Committee for the contest. The Review Committee will evaluate all the videos and recommend qualified videos to the Organising Committee. The final decision will made by the Organising Committee.

    专家评审: 2022年10月1日至11月1日

    组委会将邀请:文化交流、国际交流和教育等领域的知名专家组成评审委员会。 评审委员将会对所有参赛作品进行评审,并将优秀作品推荐给组委会, 组委会会评选出最后的获奖视频。

  4. Winners Award Announcement: November 15, 2022

    Results will be released on the contest website. Winners will also be contacted by the Organising Committee via their personal information provided to claim their prize.


    比赛结果将在比赛网站上公布, 组委会也将通过参赛者预留的个人联系方式联系获奖参赛者。

  5. All entries must be original, and plagiarism is prohibited. If plagiarism is found, the entry will be disqualified. Any copyright disputes arising from it shall be the responsibility of the individual.

  6. The copyright belongs to the contestant, the Committee respects and reserves their right of authorship. The Committee has the right to use the shortlisted/winning entries for public display on the project website, official social median platform or for other non-commercial activities without additional remuneration.

  7. All contestants must confirm that they own the copyright and other relevant rights of their works. The Committee will not undertake any legal liability arising from (but not limited to) disputes over portraiture rights, reputation rights, privacy rights, copyright, trademark rights, etc. In case of any disputes mentioned above, all responsibilities shall be assumed by the participants themselves and the Committee has the right to cancel their qualification and recall their reward. In case of any loss caused by disputes, the Committee has the right to claim compensation from the participants.

  8. These rules constitute an important agreement between the Committee and the participants concerning copyright matters. Every participant who uploads or submits his/her work through the specified channel will be deemed to have agreed to the rules and be bound by them. The Committee reserves the right of final interpretation of the contest.

  9. 参赛者若有任何疑问,可通过以下方式联系组委会。

    Contact information: Please do not hesitate to contact the Organising Committee.
    Email: my-study-Australia@outlook.com

    Terms and Conditions (PDF, 116KB)

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