Past Contemporary China Seminars

Throughout 2016 and 2017 the China Centre continued to bring a range of distinguished speakers from around Australia and the world to showcase their latest research on Contemporary China.

Presentations typically lasted for one hour followed by opportunities for questions and discussions with the speaker.

Recordings of past seminars, where available, can be found on our Recordings web page.

2017 Speakers

Semester 1

Thursday 16 March
Professor Hans Hendrischke, University of Sydney
Special Series on Chinese State Owned Enterpries; The sustainability of Chinese investment in Australia
David P Derham Lecture Theatre, Law Building, 185 Pelham Street, Carlton

Thursday 23 March
Professor Minxin Pei, Claremont McKenna College
The Origins and Dynamics of Crony Capitalism in China: Insights from Prosecuted Cases of Collusive Corruption
Old Arts, Theatre D, The University of Melbourne

Thursday 6 April
Dr Lauren Johnston, The University of Melbourne
China in Africa: What is OBOR and why is the Indian Ocean in focus?
Arts West, Room 556, University of Melbourne

Thursday 27 April
Professor Martin King Whyte, Harvard University and University of Melbourne Asia Scholar
Global popular anger against rising Inequality: Why is China an exception?
Old Arts, Theatre D, The University of Melbourne

Thursday 11 May
Professor Mark Wang, The University of Melbourne
Relocation for poverty alleviation? How will Xi Jinping’s ‘Precise Poverty Alleviation’ strategy affect China’s poverty alleviation resettlement program?
Arts West, Room 556, The University of Melbourne

Thursday 25 May
Assistant Professor Britt Crow-Miller, Arizona State University
Politics and discourse in China’s South-North Water transfer Project
Arts West, Room 556, The University of Melbourne

Semester 2

Tuesday 18 July
Mr Bert Hofman, World Bank (Country Director China)
China's Next Transformation
Prest Theatre, FBE Building, 111 Barry Street, Carlton

Thursday 3 August
Dr Pradeep Taneja, The University of Melbourne
Belt and Road Initiative and the China-Pakistan-India Triangle
Old Geology, Theatre 2, The University of Melbourne

Tuesday 15 August
Associate Professor Fran Martin, The University of Melbourne
We Chat therefore we are: Everyday multicultures, translocality and Chinese social media in inner Melbourne
Old Geology, Theatre 1, The University of Melbourne

CANCELLED Thursday 24 August
Professor Kevin O'Connor, University of Melbourne
Air transport and regional economic development: Recent Chinese experience
Old Geology, Theatre 2, The University of Melbourne

Thursday 31 August
Dr Ben Hillman, Australian National University
Unrest in Tibet: What do variations in the incidence of protest and conflict tell us about the dynamics of political integration
Old Geology, Theatre 2, The University of Melbourne

Thursday 14 September
Dr Matthew Currell, RMIT University
The global drain: China's groundwater pollution problems and why they should matter to the rest of the world
Old Geology, Theatre 2, The University of Melbourne

Thursday 5 October
Professor Klaus Larres, University of North Carolina
The Dawning of a New Global Order? Germany and China in the Trump Era
Old Geology, Theatre 2, The University of Melbourne

Thursday 19 October
Associate Professor Yan Tan, University of Adelaide
Climate change and migration in China: New Evidence from the Yangtze River Delta and Western China
Old Geology, Theatre 2, The University of Melbourne

2016 Speakers

Thursday 11 February David Dollar, China Center, Brookings Institution; China's slowing growth and implications for the global economy

Semester 1

Thursday 10 March
Dr Qin Xiao, Chair, Boyuan Foundation
The Internationalization of the RMB and its implications for China and the world

Thursday 24 March
Professor Lisa Cameron, Monash University
Stealing my way to your heart: China's one child policy, Marriage Markets and Crime

Thursday 7 April
Dr Warren Sun, Monash University
Rural reform in early post-Mao 1976-1981

Thursday 21 April
Professor Anita Chan, Australian National University
Comparing regular and agency workers' working conditions, attitudes and resistance: a case study of China auto joint ventures

Thursday 5 May
Dr Brooke Wilmsen, La Trobe University
After the Deluge: The longer-term impacts of the Three Gorges Dam

Thursday 19 May
Professor Sarah Biddulph, The University of Melbourne
Reform of administrative detention powers and the problem of minor crime

Semester 2

Thursday 11 August
Dr Gerald Roche, The University of Melbourne
Between Chinese State and Tibetan Nation: Language shift among Tibet's minority languages and the case of the Manegacha language of Qinghai

Thursday 18 August
Professor Yao Yang, Peking University
Half sky over China: Women's political participation and sex imbalances in the Mao era

Thursday 1 September
Professor Linda Tsung, The University of Sydney
Building a Chinese dream: Language, power and hierarchy

Thursday 8 September
Professor Anne-Marie Brady, The Uniersity of Canterbury
China as a Polar great power

Thursday 15 September
Professor Shang Xiaoyuan, The University of New South Wales
One country, two welfare regimes: transition to adulthood of grown-up young people cared for by the state in China

Thursday 6 October
Professor Allan Fels, The University of Melbourne
China: From antimonopoly law to organisation bureau, China Communist Party

Thursday 20 October
Professor Audrey Yue, The University of Melbourne
Sinophone as method: Australia's screen co-productions with China and the Chinese diaspora

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