1966 and All That

Wednesday, June 8, 2016 8:45 - 17:00

1966 was an immensely significant year for continental thought. In France, Michel Foucault’s Les mots et les choses, Jacques Lacan’s Écrits and Gilles Deleuze’sLe Bergsonisme all played central roles in an intellectual scene that saw new theoretical developments intertwine with mass media hysterics, and drastic pedagogical changes precede a revolutionary fervor to come two years later.

Abroad, Juliet Mitchell published Women: The Longest Revolution in New Left Review, Mary Douglas her groundbreaking Purity and Danger, and many now famous intellectual luminaries converged upon Johns Hopkins University for four days to bring structuralism to the United States, changing the course of Western institutional history.

Fifty years on, this conference draws together a wide range of eminent and emerging thinkers to examine the key publications and broader legacy of 1966. It will map the year’s major theoretical, institutional and socio-cultural innovations, examine their immediate and ongoing reception both in France and abroad, and invite a renewed appreciation of 1966 as a pivotal point of rupture in twentieth-century thought.

Keynote speakers: Dr Knox Peden (ANU); Professor John Frow (USYD)

Co-Convenors: Associate Professor Justin Clemens; Elliot Patsoura; Thomas Sutherland

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Notice: The venue for this program has recently been updated.


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A1 Theatre, Old Engineering