2016 S. Ernest Sprott Fellow, Dr Marc Mierowsky

On Wednesday 6 September the School of Culture and Communication welcomed the 2016 S. Ernest Sprott Fellow, Dr Marc Mierowsky, and heard about his research plans for the duration of the fellowship.

A Sense of the People, 1647-1720

From the time of the Putney Debates (1647) through to Britain's development as a fiscal-military state (1688-1720), the question of how to define 'the people' remained at the forefront of the theory and practice of government. The question was asked in order to distinguish a legitimate political community from the populace at large. Those who answered it made normative claims to a shared national identity; to an enforceable canon of communal values. By examining the sense of affiliation at the heart of such claims - how they forced individuals to see themselves as part of 'the people' - my research uncovers a constitutive link between the emergence of common sense philosophy, the growing acceptance of popular sovereignty, and what legal theorists term 'social norms' (internalised standards of self-government and intersubjective relations).