Animal Activists and Law Breaking

Monday, November 30, 2015 17:30 - 19:00

Animal activists have a long tradition of law breaking. Starting in the 1980s, animal activists have routinely trespassed onto private land. Trespass is typically undertaken for three reasons: To see how animals live and die in commercial animal-use settings; to document the conditions inside socially invisible places such as factory farm; and to provide aid to sick and injured animals.

In this talk Dr. Siobhan O’Sullivan and Dr. Clare McCausland will draw on their recent scholarship concerning animal activists and law breaking. They will outline why trespass by animal advocates might be said to be consistent with the best tradition of civil disobedience. They will also speak to the more challenging case of anti-whaling activists, such as Sea Shepherd, and consider whether they too may be said to be engaged in a type of civil disobedience. Finally, they will talk about the use of drones by animal activists. They will argue that in the age of ag-gag, drones present an opportunity. However, the use of drones also comes with considerable privacy concerns that activists need to take into account.


Event type

Free Public Lecture


Linkway Room, John Medley, Grattan Street, Parkville