Award News

Dr David McInnis has won a 2017 Engagement Award for his work on the 'Shakespeare 400' program. This award recognises David's exemplary work in engaging communities of interest beyond the academy. Congratulations to David!

In other good news for SCC, two of our doctoral students, Louise Box and Maddie Clark, have received 2017 Norman Macgeorge Scholarships. Maddie, whose thesis is entitled Speculative Fictions and the Indigenous Present has been awarded $5,500 to undertake a research trip to attend an Indigenous Literary Studies Association national gathering in North America. Louise, whose thesis is entitled The Print Collection of Elizabeth Seymour Percy, 1st Duchess of Northumberland (1716— 1776) has been awarded $6,000 to undertake a research trip to archives in Northumberland, Coutts Bank (UK), and France.
Seven scholarships were awarded, with eighteen applications received. Congratulations to Maddie and Louise.