Border Control: On the Edges of American Art

Alumnus Alex Taylor is convening a very interesting conference on American art at the Tate this coming May.

Convened by Julia Tatiana Bailey (Tate) and Alex J. Taylor (University of Pittsburgh). Supported by the Terra Foundation for American Art.

This two-day conference will bring together new scholarship exploring the edges and borders of American art before 1980, the varied acts of traversal and attempts at containment that have shaped its histories. Presented as the culmination of the three-year Tate Research project Refiguring American Art, and to coincide with a related display at Tate Liverpool, the conference will bring together historians of art and visual culture engaging with American art in its global contexts.

After undertaking honours with Professor Jeanette Hoorn, Alex went to Oxford for his PhD then the Tate Gallery and is now at the University of Pittsburgh in a continuing position.

Call for papers now open.

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